Student Testimonials

Kayley Mancer

Starting my year at Aristotelian, I was immature and undisciplined. I had NO idea how I was going to survive a marketing degree with subjects like FM and Stats, after all I spent my whole high school years avoiding such subjects. I was not used to the rules, and I opposed them at every turn in my mind, why do I need a doctors note? Why is being 5 minutes late such a big deal? So what if I miss one class, or two or three? WELL, I can honestly say as a first year I opposed them and as a fourth year I am grateful for them. Without you Mr Zachos, I would not have had the belief that I could do well, I had not achieved a distinction in high school and sure as anything did not ever think it was possible to get nine as a college student. Thank you for everything.

Sherryn Tedder

I have just received my results for Marketing Strategy and I am so thrilled to have passed with distinction! I couldn't have done it without your guidance and inspired lecturing. Thank you for the commitment you have shown to us, your students.

Victor Selaelo

After failing dismally through Sandton Business College, I managed to pass all my subjects and it is all because of your effort and brilliant notes.

Sean Johnston

What I achieved since leaving Aristotelian is remarkable considering I obtained 4 - F's , 1 - E and 2 - C's on my Grade 12 matric certificate in 2003. I was enrolled at RAU (now UJ) in 2002 and since my results in Grade 12 were so poor, I was declined admission into the 2004 academic year. I couldn't even enrol at RAU to study a Bachelors of Arts. My father and I met with Mr Zachos on 30 September 2004 and once given the chance, the rest is history. I am now 27 years old, working in Sandton, have my own office and have won several awards over the past few years. I want others to realise what a world-class college Aristotelian really is. I have had lecturers from other student support centres who were the head of department for accounting and marketing at University of Johannesburg and with all due respect to them, they were not in the same class as Mr Zachos.

Jade Van Der Walt

I now fall part of the Young Guns program as a Corporate Account Manager within Large Business Services. I would have never expect to be part of such a large and amazing organization directly after varsity. The experience thus far has been nothing but amazing and the things that I have learnt in this short period of time, I probably would have never been able to experience anywhere else. E.g) I am currently working on a deal, were my international client is building Solar plants in the northern cape, this deal is approx. worth 5 million rand but besides for the revenue the client will be bringing in, knowing that I have been part of a project of that magnitude is absolutely mind blowing.

During my journey thus far I could not have thought of anyone else to thank more than YOU. Every single lesson learned at the Aristotelian, whether it is was Statistics or just personal advise has helped me get to where I am today.

Tarryn Du Plessis

I just wanted to let you know that you and your college have done wonders for me. We know that some of the students didn't like the "discipline" but if it weren't for that, you wouldn't be getting the top results from your devoted students.

I am now the PR Marketing Officer at Natalia Estates in Margate, I am involved in the marketing of the San Martinho Beach development in Mozambique and will be coming up to Joburg later this month or next to market and network. I am enjoying the work I'm doing now since it involves what you taught me... thank you!!! Thank you for allowing me the privilege in getting to know you AND you have crept into my heart and I will never forget you and your "chalk fingers".

Wren Orffer

Aristotelian is by far a "one -of-a-kind" college that prides itself in great results an a fantastic learning environment. For this I am most grateful as it paved the way forward for me and enabled me to be in the position I am today. I have been with Synthes South Africa for 18 months now. The company is a multinational orthopedic company that achieved a 23% growth on a huge base for 2011 I started as an associate product manager and have developed in the position. After finishing my BBA degree I was promoted to Product Manager of Trauma and am responsible for the upper limb portfolio in South Africa.

I am truley thankful for you putting my name forward for the position and aim to better myself everyday. Keep well Mr. Zachos and thank you again for your hours of hard work.

Sean Johnston


During my time at Aristotelian, the biggest thing I learnt was the amount of hard work and dedication that Mr Zachos put into ensuring his students not only passed their subjects but also obtained superior marks. His work ethic and ethos has been incorporated into his college and this is the true value of being a student at the Aristotelian College of Marketing. In my profession we look at the "return on investment" and I can say without doubt that you get your monies worth by being a student at Aristotelian. It is the Harvard of private colleges and for this reason I rank it no.1 in South Africa for IMM student support centres.

Vanessa Cusens

Where do I begin? Wow, it has been an incredible two years, I have learned so much from you and your fellow lecturers! You have inspired, you have cared and you have guided. Without your strength, motivation and continual support we would not be where we are today.

Samantha Visser

I would like to thank you for your support and assistance through the last 2 years of my BBA qualification. Your level of education was superior to that of any I had ever received, and it is for that I am forever grateful.I have been employed by a former student of yours (I believe you are aware of this) as a Marketing Intern. For all this I owe you a massive thank you because it was your reference letter written for me that instantly influenced my employment.

Krystle Hastings

I think about my days at Aristotelian College often and miss every second of it. You gave me the extra drive to go the extra mile. Your passion and heart for your work is so rare in a person, I am so glad I got to meet and learn from you. I will carry your words and actions with me throughout my life. A big thank you to all my fantastic lectures and especially you Mr Zachos for such a great experience!

Nelson Chissambue

My first year at the college in 2005 was the hardest one, my English was poor and I was not familiarized with the english education system. I am From Angola. I earned my BBA degree in 2009. Today i have a good job in one of the most prestigious Civil and Environmental company in Angola (SAMBIENTE, Lda) with the position of Project Manager Assistant and the salary is good (R35.000 monthly). Therefore, i would like to encourage all Aristotelian students to engage all your efforts, dedication, responsibility and full commitment with your studies. The course it is paying off for me today!

Marina Patuel

It is rare to meet a person with such passion and motivation as Mr Zachos has!


It has been one of the best decisions I made to study at the Aristotelian College and I wish to compliment you on the superb quality of education we receive from the college as well as the competent staff.

Michelle Ma

I feel priveleged to have studied at the college. I am grateful for everything I have learnt.

Bradley Cock

Thank you for everything you have done for me these past four years. Thank you for looking after me and guiding me in the right direction. Your hard work and dedication is really appreciated.

Tony and Isabel de Beer

Firstly to thank you and you staff for 4 special meaningfull years for Liesl at your college. From a parents perspective it was certainly wonderfull to see Liesl mature and from very early on, see her use her new found knowledge in many aspects of her life .

Then secondly thank you for your assistance in helping Liesl being placed at what seems to be a wonderfull company that will certainly give her a fantastic opportunity to now put into practice some of her newly acquired marketing skills.

Nicole Parker

I have an amazing job at CTU Training Solutions as a marketing assistant and it is safe to say without Aristotelian College I never would have been where I am today. Also, thank you for teaching me that a little hard work never killed anyone.

Meegan Benjamin

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the Aristotelian Collage for the continued support and encouragement which has helped me tremendously throughout my journey at the collage. Mr Zachos, your fundamental morals and values that you have thought, I will carry with me always. Thank you so much for the continued support and astounding reference.I will forever be thankful! To Mrs van Niekerk and Mrs Coetzee thank you for the great lectures and sincere support.

Grant and Joan Parker

Thank you once again for the high standards and expectations set at your college!

Kayley Mancer

Not only did the environment you have created at Aristotelian help me mature, but you have also helped me raise the bar with what I expect from myself. The way you present your lectures, the way you care about your subjects and the way you care about your students made me feel like I was being taught by more than a teacher but like I was being mentored by a father. As students we could feel your passion for hard work, I could see what it meant to you for us to do well which is what kept me motivated. No gift is big enough to thank you for the future I am going to have because of you, and I am forever grateful and honoured to have been taught by you and your amazing staff at Aristotelian.