1. Who is ACMM and what does ACMM do?

AACMM is an independent L&D campus, offering top quality Learning and Development, and ancillary services to students who are registered with the IMM GSM programmes or other institutions. The College offers specialised marketing and business tertiary L&D to high school graduates and working individuals. ACMM strives to guide and nurture learners in the exciting and dynamic field of marketing management and business. The Learning and Development provided by ACMM is over and above the support offered by the IMM GSM.

2. Who is the IMM GSM?

IMM Graduate School of Marketing is a private provider of higher education that offers qualifications that are locally and internationally sought after and recognised. The IMM GSM is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private Higher Education Institution.

3. Can I register for a degree with IMM GSM and obtain L&D with ACMM?

Absolutely. ACMM provides top quality L&D and ancillary services for two degree programmes, both at an NQF level 7. They are the Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management Science (IMM GSM) and Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management (IMM GSM). Please note ACMM does not offer any higher education programmes of its own.

4. What are the admission requirements for obtaining L&D at ACMM?

For the Diploma:

The student must have met the minimum requirements for admission to a diploma programme at a higher education level.

Further a student must have a National Senior Certificate or the equivalent, including an achievement rating of at least 3 (40-49%) in English home language or 4 (50-59%) in English first additional language.

For the Degrees:

The student must have met the minimum requirements for admission to a degree programme at a higher education level.

Further, a student must have National Senior Certificate or equivalent is required, including an achievement rating of at least 3 (40-49%) in English home language or 4 (50-59% in English first additional language, plus an achievement rating of at least 3 (40-49%) in Mathematics or 5 (60-69% in Mathematics Literacy.

However, if you do not meet the requirements for the BBA degree, you can complete the IMM GSM's foundation programme (Pre-Varsity Programme). The Pre-Varsity Programme is designed for students who wish to undertake a BBA or BCOM degree and have met the minimum requirements for admission to a diploma programme at a higher education institution. It comprises of 6 modules.

5. How will I know which of marketing management or business careers will suit me best?

The ACMM application for admission process involves a consultation with the College Principal. The Principal offers a recommendation / career counselling to the student after a discussion as to which field the student has an aptitude / interest towards. Students will meet with the College Principal regularly throughout their College career for encouragement, advice and keeping their aims on track.

6. How long will it take me to complete my degree?

On average, we find that students take about 3.5 years to complete their degree. This largely depends on the student's diligence. Many students complete the degree course in 3 years.

7. What else can I obtain L&D at ACMM?

You can register for the Diploma in Marketing Management with IMM GSM and obtain L&D at ACMM. The course is 3 years and you will finish at an NQF level 6.

8. What if I want to do the diploma first and the degree afterwards? Do I have to start from the beginning?

Of course not. You can articulate (convert) to a degree and obtain credits for the subjects that you have already completed. You must have successfully completed all modules of the Diploma in Marketing Management. If you work hard, it will take approximately another 1 and a half years (9 modules) before you obtain the degree. You will then have two IMM GSM qualifications!

9. What careers can I look at when I am finished studying?

Marketing is so diverse and such an essential part of every single business out there, that your options are almost limitless. To offer a few examples of fields that you can enter: Advertising, Brand Management, Sales Management, Promotions, Marketing Intelligence, International Marketing, New Product Development, Marketing Research, Product Management, Public Relations, e-Commerce, and Distribution and Logistics.

10. How do I apply?

It's simple. Send an email to aristotelian@mweb.co.za or call 011 023 4438 for the Application for Admission form. Complete the form and return it via email together with any additional documentation as requested in the form.

11. How long before I know if I am successful?

We offer part-time tuition support to those students who are in the working world. Our part-time classes are scheduled for the evening after work; this way classes will not interfere with working duties.

12. What happens in this consultation with the College Principal?

The College Principal meets with you and your parents / guardians and discusses your various options for study with the aim of a career in mind. Your marks and accomplishments will also be assessed in order to determine whether you meet the requirements for registration at ACMM. College L&D fees and payment structure options are also discussed during this consultation. The Principal will also explain that the student must register with the higher education provider, and that ACMM provides L&D which is in addition to the support provided by the provider of higher education.

13.I want to start working soon, how do I juggle classes and working?

We offer part-time L&D classes to those students who are in the working world. Our part-time L&D classes are scheduled for the evening after work; this way classes will not interfere with working duties.

14. I'm not very good at mathematics or accounting. How will I cope with the quantitative subjects?

Even though some of the subjects do require some capability in mathematical and accounting skills - this is not a prerequisite for success. Fortunately we have excellent staff that are from a teaching background who will guide you carefully through all the course work as required by the tertiary education provider. With individual attention and a lot of practice ACMM has seen thousands of students successfully complete the coursework.

15. Will we get homework assignments and write tests / exams?

If you are receiving full-time L&D, yes. ACMM believes that it is essential for students to know exactly how well they are doing at every step of the way. In order to evaluate yourself you need to be measured against the standards offered by the IMM GSM or other institutions. You therefore, will complete homework assignments every week and tests twice a semester as set out by ACMM. At the end of every semester (May and October) you write final examinations with the IMM GSM or with other institutions.

Part-time students do get some homework assignments, but not to the same extent as the full-time students. ACMM understands the stresses of work and tries to accommodate these students. The tertiary institutions also require the completion of one assignment per module (to be completed by both full- and part-time students) which contributes towards your final mark in a particular module. ACMM will assist you with the completion of that assignment.

16. What kind of schedule can I expect for full-time study?

Full time L&D involves a schedule of 10-12 hours of class time a week. Lecturers are also on call for additional questions that students may have. Further, extra lesson classes can be scheduled (free of charge) for students that feel that they require the additional assistance.

17. Are there part-time L&D classes over the weekend?

Definitely not. ACMM wants its students to relax on weekends and dedicate that time to their families and friends (and hopefully some studying in-between). Part-time L&D classes are usually twice weekly in the evening after work.

18. Will the ACMM help me find a job when I finish studying?

If you work hard and excel, then absolutely! ACMM receives many enquiries (usually from past students who now hold management positions) for students who have almost finished their qualifications. ACMM often recommends and places students in diverse roles across the spectrum of marketing management and business.

19. Where can I find testimonials of previous students to see how they experienced the L&D at ACMM?

We refer all prospective students to our website for more details on top student awards who received ACMM's L&D and graduated with IMM GSM qualifications, and additional information not covered here. Or, you can contact us on 011 023 4438 for more information.

Also, if you require more information on the IMM GSM, please refer to their website at www.imm.co.za or call them 011 628 2000.