Career Counselling

Since its inception in 1988 the College has offered, free of charge, free guidance and consultation to students and their parents regarding career paths and study programmes that new students can follow. This service is offered by the Principal of the College.

For us at this College it is not simply a matter of handing out programme guides and literature to prospective students, but rather it is a consultative process where prospective students are advised, motivated and guided on how to succeed in their studies, and what the most appropriate path to take is.

We are well aware that many students do not know, nor do they understand, what it means to follow, for example, a career in marketing management or a career in other fields for that matter. The free advisory process has been successfully applied for over 27 years and has produced thousands of successful individuals who now command top positions in industry and commerce.

To take advantage of this service, please call our College Secretary, at (011) 023-4438.