Advantages of Obtaining L&D at ACMM

1.) You will obtain top quality support which means you will excel at the exams conducted at your higher education provider.

2.) You will acquire thorough knowledge of the subject matter so that you feel confident when it comes to decision making in the working environment.

3.) The Learning and Development (L&D) will even cover work that was not fully understood by you when you were in school. For example, many students have never grasped such important concepts as ratios or percentages, or the difference between and asset and a cost, and so on.

4.) As a student and client of ACMM, you will know that you are not alone in your quest for excellence in your studies (including achieving top marks). The College staff members, from teachers to the Principal will be with you every step of the way to assist you in academic matters and your all-round L&D.

5.) The small classes, the tutorial classes and the individual attention made available to every student means you will enjoy the learning experience and begin to set challenges and targets for yourself.

6.) You will be nurtured and supported to grow not only by acquiring knowledge but also to equip you with skills and prepare you for a successful career in the working environment and to cope with life in general.

7.) Comprehensive notes on the study material provided to students for each subject.

8.) Stunning location and upmarket facilities in Bedfordview (300m from Eastgate Shopping Centre).

9.) Essentially you will be under the tutelage of the teachers and the Principal which means that you can ask any questions on the subject matter that you are unclear of.

10.) Structured and ordered learning environment.

11.) A proven track record and a proud history of success.

12.) You do not necessarily have to have distinctions in your high school mathematics or accounting or other subjects - even though this would be highly beneficial - to succeed in your tertiary studies. For us at the ACMM, your desire to learn and our L&D activities will produce high standards in your higher education institution exams.

13.) As your Learning and Development (L&D) increases over time you will discover and realise that you are feeling good about yourself and are ready to tackle the next challenge such as another distinction in a quantitative subject eg. Statistics or Financial Management.

14.) Plenty of safe parking.

15.) Ancillary support services (career guidance, job placements, motivational talks, etc.).

16.) After all the hard work and three years later you will want to join the business world and start your professional career. ACMM often receives enquiries from employers looking for suitable candidates. Over the years we have recommended countless ACMM students to employers - many of these students now command top positions in the broader business community in South Africa and abroad.

17.) Dynamic and versatile lecturers with years of teaching experience who cater specifically to students requiring hands on L&D.

18.) Students who are dedicated, diligent and a strong desire to learn are guaranteed to obtain distinctions in their higher education exams. Many past students can attest to this. ASK AROUND!