Who We Are

Aristotelian College of Marketing Management (ACMM) is an independent organisation providing Learning and Development (L&D) to students studying towards marketing management degrees that are offered by private higher education institutions such as the IMM GSM.

ACMM has been providing L&D services to students since 1988 and has a proud record of success. Many students have achieved Top Student awards and distinctions at the exams of the private higher education institution(s).


1.) ACMM has won IMM GSM Top Student Award 5 times!

2.) Consistent excellent student results year after year for 20 years.

3.) Experienced, loyal and long standing academic staff.

4.) We made a huge difference to countless young people’s lives, many of whom are now leading successful careers.

Career Opportunities

Marketing management is the umbrella term for a wide variety of activities. Marketing managers are required to have multiple skills - be creative, analytical, people-person, dynamic and be able to visualise the effects of changes in the environment to the organisation's performance.

They are required to travel extensively and form collaborative relationships with stakeholders. Some examples of careers in marketing management are:

1.) Brand manager 2.) Advertising manager 3.) Sales promotions manager 4.) Publicity manager 5.) Marketing researcher 6.) Marketing information systems manager 7.) New product development manager 8.) Sales manager


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